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Baseball Scoring Software Pointstreak K-ForCE Pocket PC Edition 5.1

Baseball Scoring Software

Easily score baseball & softball games play-by-play on your handheld Pocket PC.

Windows Mobile 6.0/5.0

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Pointstreak K-ForCE Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

By default K-ForCE has a shortcut from the Start menu on your Pocket PC. Select the K-ForCE icon on the Start menu and you're ready to start scoring.

It's a good idea to read through the Frequently Asked Questions and the Tutorial on the All-Pro Software website when you get a chance. This will help speed up your understanding of how Pointstreak K-ForCE works.

Game Information

  1. Select Game Information from the View options menu to enter game date/time, location, weather, etc. You can also enter player name/number for both the home and visiting team.

Main Scoring Window

  1. This is the first screen you will see when your run Pointstreak K-ForCE. This is where the batting order is entered. The four columns on the left are for player information (player number, name, position and inning the player entered the game).
  2. The player information boxes are grouped in three rows per scoring box. These additional boxes are for player substitutions.
  3. To the right of the player information are the At Bat boxes. Tap on the At Bat boxes to enter detailed scoring information (strikes, balls, outs, etc). You can tap-and-hold over different areas of the scoring window to get help on what to do.
  4. The At Bat area displays a summary of each player's at bat. A line is drawn for each base the player reached safely. At the top is the play summary. This is usually how the player reached base or how the player was put out. If the batter (or runner) was put out, a circled number indicates which out. And in the lower right are five boxes shaded to indicate the ball/strike count.
  5. Select Save from the Tools menu to save a game.

View Scoreboard and Statistics

  1. Select Scoreboard from the View options menu to display the scoreboard. This is a standard baseball scoreboard, giving an inning-by-inning scoring summary as well as runs, hits, and errors.
  2. Select Box Score from the View options menu to view batting, pitching, and fielding stats for both home and visiting team.

View & Print Scoresheets on Desktop

  1. Dock your handheld so you can sync game information to your desktop.
  2. On your desktop computer, select Start, Programs, All-Pro Software, Pointstreak K-ForCE Viewer.
  3. Select Open From Device from the File menu to retrieve saved games on your handheld.
  4. Click on the View menu to see other report options. Click on Print from the File menu to print reports.

Import Games into StatTrak for Baseball

  1. Select Validate Game Data from the Tools menu. Review any warnings and errors and make corrections as needed.
  2. Dock your handheld to sync game information to your desktop.
  3. On your desktop computer, start StatTrak for Baseball. Select Import Games from K-ForCE from the File menu.
  4. Select a game and click on Import. When completed, view stat reports and publish stats to your own free website.
  5. StatTrak for Baseball is a separate software program that allows you to create many different stat reports and publish stats to your own free website.


Technical Support

  1. Select Help from the menu.
  2. Go to our Technical Support area to find answers or open a problem using our online Help Desk.

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