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USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive $9.95


Backup your Data to USB Flash Drive

  • 32 GB capacity
  • High-Speed USB 3.0
  • Retractable USB connector - no more lost caps!
  • Works with Windows 11 / 10 / 8
  • Plugs right into your USB port

This USB flash drive is incredibly small at just over 2 inches long. And with 32 GB (giga byte) capacity you'll be able to save lots of data. Backup your StatTrak Address Manager data and store over 25,000 addresses!

Just slip it into the USB port on your computer and within a few seconds, a new drive appears on your desktop. Save files to the new drive and that's it. You've got an easy to use, reliable, portable backup system.

This USB flash drive is also ideal for transferring data from one computer to another.

For example, you have StatTrak Address Manager installed on your desktop computer and your laptop. You'd like to have an exact copy of your addresses from your desktop put on your laptop.

  • On your desktop, start Address Manger and select Backup Database from the File menu.
  • Change the drive letter to your USB flash drive and click Save.
  • Now, put the USB flash drive in your laptop.
  • Start Address Manager and select Restore Database from the File menu.
  • Change the drive letter to your USB flash drive and click Open.
  • You're done! You just copied all of your addresses over to your laptop.

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