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Tournament Brackets Tournament Scheduler Pro 6.1

Tournament Software

Create single & double elimination tournaments for up to 128 players or teams. Works for any sport!

for Windows 10 / 8

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New Features in version 5.0
  • More Seeding Options
    Automated seeding for Advantage and Balanced seeding methods based on seed numbers you enter. Entering seed numbers is optional. You can also seed randomly or manually.

  • 4 New Reports
    New schedule reports list schedules by team or player to help teams/players know when their first game is. New List reports list all teams or players in the tournament with option to sort by name, event, or seed number.

  • Import Pictures
    Import and print your school logo or other picture right on your tournament chart and have it displayed on your free tournament website too.

  • Print to 1 Page
    Enhanced print to one page option shrinks large charts down to one page. Smaller charts are enlarged and centered on one page.

  • Scheduling Updates
    Game times are now scheduled in game number sequence so game #1 has the earliest start time. New option to enter specific start time for each event.

  • Full Screen
    Optionally display Tournament Scheduler in full screen mode without the tool bar which is handy if you are using a projector with your monitor.

  • New Menus
    New menus for Edit, View, Reports, and Tools added to help you navigate your tournament creation more efficiently. File Menu lists up to 9 most recent files opened for quick access.

New Features in version 4.1
  • Schedule Report
    Review your game times in the Schedule Report. Lists event, location, and date/time for each game. You can sort by location name to review location schedules too.

  • Pool Play & Round Robin
    Assign multiple rounds on your pool play and round robin events. Or enter a specific number of games to be played by each team or player.

  • Scheduling
    Events can be scheduled without being seeded. Also, Seeds can be cleared on any event without clearing the game times.

  • Chart Options
    Option to hide byes for Round Robin and Pool Play charts. Option to display only date/time (no location). Removed 'click to seed' text when printing charts or publishing to the website.

  • Bracket on Website
    Display event bracket charts on your free All-Pro website.

  • New Features in version 4.0
  • New Event Types
    Added Round Robin, Pool Play, Consolation 1st round loser and Consolation Double elimination event types.

  • Free Tournament Website
    Post your tournament brackets and game time schedule on your own free tournament website. Just choose your website name and publish. Website options include picture gallery.

  • Automated Game Scheduling
    Game times are automatically generated with no conflicts, even across multiple events.

  • Event Results
    Event results and statistics can be viewed during the events or once they're finished. Players can be added to additional events at any time.

  • Scheduling
    Added ability to schedule times for all locations at once. Events may now be started and games entered without having the event be fully scheduled. This is useful for tournaments where all events are played back-to-back and the time and location are not specified ahead of time.

  • Scores
    Scores may now be entered as decimal values to allow for race type events.

  • Chart Display
    Added many new formatting options including block brackets, compressed schedule display, game number variations and line thickness adjustment.

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