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Cut the glare with the CompUshade laptop sun shade

  • Forms a 9-inch deep glare-reducing view tunnel
  • Secures with self adhesive hook & loop strips
  • Fits all laptops 9 - 16 inches wide
  • Made of lightweight high density polyethylene
  • A must have when scoring games outside

Folds flat on lid while remaining attached. Super-thin design allows laptop and shade to fit in your laptop carrying case.

Swings open and closed in seconds without detaching from your laptop.

When you're using your laptop outdoors, sunlight and glare make screen viewing very difficult. The CompUshade® reduces screen glare increasing screen contrast so you can use your laptop outside. The CompUshade® also helps provide viewing privacy which is nice in crowded areas. It can be folded closed while remaining attached to your laptop, so it's always with you when you need it.

How it Works
Two hinged panels unfold and attach together at the top center of your laptop. The panels are held in place by 2 self adhesive mounting strips that attach to the outside your laptop's lid. The panels overlap near the top center to form a 3-sided tunnel around the screen, approximately 9 inches deep. The resulting tunnel blocks most light around the top and sides of your screen. The panels can remain attached to the outside of your laptop’s lid and swing nearly flat for storage.

Quality Materials
The folding panels are made of ultra lightweight high density polyethylene, a highly durable, synthetic material that blocks 100% of light transmission.

Weighs approximately 7 ounces and adds only 3/8 inch thickness to your laptop. All components are black.

Solve screen glare with CompUshade®, laptop sun visor

  • Install only once, then open/close in seconds
  • Attaches to your laptop lid with self adhesive hook & loop strips
  • Universal size fits laptops, notebooks, and tablets 9 to 16 inches wide and is easily removed
  • Swings open/closed while remaining attached to your laptop lid
  • Made of ultra-light, durable polyethylene material
  • So thin your laptop still fits inside its case
  • Forms a 9-inch deep viewing tunnel to reduce glare
  • Ideal for scoring outdoors or when entering scores on the road after the game

We also have smaller netbook laptop shades for screens 7.5 to 10.5 inches wide.

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